NON-CONTACT TEST COMPATIBLE Ultra high speed bare board tester system(ALL-IN-ONE UNIT)

  • All-in-one Compct Size Tester
    All-in-one Compact Size Tester
    All-in-One type Tester, with built-in PC in the Tester main unit
    Improved operability with a 10.4" Touch Panel
    All the operation screens are optimized for touch-pannel operation.
  • Compatible to Various Applications
    Compact in size, but with non-contact testability
    Capability of Low Voltage Leak Test, Minimizing burnout of work at the Leak Test
    Capabilty of Micro Short Test by the Slow-Up Application Method of the current and voltage.
  • Stable & Full System
    Drastically improved system reliability by changing the media of OS froma HDD to Compact Flash.
    Available to meet Chinese Language (simplified characters)on the Control Panel screen.
    ※Complicated Chinese characters and Korean characters are also available.