• Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the OHT corporate website.

In view of protecting personally identifiable information (the "Information") of visitors to this website (the "Visitors") provided by themselves through the site, we OHT, Inc. ("OHT") commit ourselves to comply with laws and regulations applicable and enforceable in Japan, and have formulated our commitment into OHT Privacy Policy (the "Policy") as set below.

OHT believes it is vital to continue to be a trustworthy organization to its customers, including its stakeholders as well as Visitors, and recognize it is part of its responsibilities to society to protect the Information. Therefore OHT would cordially like to ask Visitors to understand and accept the Policy.

Security measures of protection

OHT protects the Information provided by Visitors under a strict control system. The Information is protected from leakage, loss, misuse and alteration by employees of the OHT group who are well disciplined through proactive in-house training, employing technically appropriate security measures.

Collection of Information,disclosure and distribution to third parties

OHT collects Information to the extent OHT needs it, and uses it for such necessity from time to time. In using the Information, OHT appropriately keeps it under control, and does not disclose nor provide it to third parties except for the following cases, and therefore, please be aware beforehand of these cases in which;

  1. there is a prior consent given by a Visitor in terms of the Information relevant to him/her for possible disclosure/provision to a third party
  2. OHT discloses and/or provides the Information to a third party, who is commissioned to work with and/or on it, to the extent necessary for the work
  3. OHT is legally bound to disclose and/or provide the Information to a relevant third party in accordance with laws and regulations applicable and enforceable in Japan or for some other appropriate reasons

If and when OHT commissions a third party to conduct a poll/survey, or distribute promotion materials based on the Information, OHT elects one after a reasonably careful consideration while the third party should be also contractually bound to confidentiality obligation of and prevention from improper use of the Information.

Request from a Vistor

If and when a Visitor likes to recognize the Information relevant to him/her, OHT will disclose the relevant Information, only upon identification of the Visitor, so far as it has been collected through this website, including e-mail communications from the Visitor only based on a voluntary basis.


OHT may use a technology called "cookies" in certain services provided in this website. Cookies can identify computers which have ever visited this site, but not Information of their users. Please be noted beforehand that a Visitor can set his/her browser to reject cookies, but then, such services may not be available. As for setting browser in regard to cookies, please contact the manufacturer of the browsing software.

Cookies are a set of data transmitted from an accessed web server to an accessing computer of a user. Certain types of cookies are a file set to be downloaded in the accessing user. When the visitor accesses that website again, cookies enhance his/her experience on the site by the web server identifying his/her computer in reference to the cookies.